What We Do


At Splendid Development, engineering and architecture services are part of the digital revolution in the construction industry.

Each of our projects is built in BIM (Building Information Modelling) environment, empowering the prowess and full customization our clients require and even more.

Our civil engineers define and implement BIM processes throughout the project’s whole life cycle.

The collaboration with the Design Automation & Databases team is essential in creating the proper tools for delivering first-class solutions. 

Our Visualization team is constantly in sync with the BIM model, producing and updating visual outputs that depict our projects in a non-technical and more dynamic, comprehensive manner.

Together, we benefit from an integrated, all-around system that prevents clashes, allows quick and easy updates, improves cost and time control and speeds up decision making.

BIM promotes continuous innovation and effectiveness, but it also fosters enhanced teamwork, making exceptional possible.

Its standardized approach adds value to our projects and enables our team to meet the stakeholder expectations and end-user needs, as well.

Structural Design & Architectural Engineering

Our expertise in BIM processes, the ability to tackle any 3D design of complex structures and a large library of automated tools give us the confidence to approach any type of challenge.

Design Automation & Databases

As the construction industry continues its digital transformation, technologies like automation, cloud collaboration, and generative design are becoming mandatory for any process.

Roads &
Utilities Design

We offer a wide array of services: from simple local roadways to complex highway interchanges, from marketplaces to full earthwork models, from small pipes to full clean/wastewater networks.


Our dedicated team for 3D Visual products makes engineering work suggestive and presents a graphic expression of all the data flows.


We are ready for the next challenge.