Our Projects

Oosterweel connection - Antwerp, Belgium

Oosterweel connection – completing the Ring of Antwerp

The Oosterweel project’s purpose is to build a Ring that connects the districts of Antwerp and offer a faster and more sustainable alternative for traffic.

The plan involves the construction of 35 kilometres of new bicycle paths, bicycle bridges, bicycle tunnels and additional Park & ​​Rides.
Splendid was involved in the pre-design phase of the project, with all capabilities.

Highway Design, Belgium

Highway Design 

We participate in highway design projects that create a smoother and more reliable environment for everyday traffic.

Splendid have redesigned traffic nodes for easing congestion in the residential areas, tailored to ensure a functional and safe connection between urban districts, using bridges, underpasses and tunnels over and under the highways.

Wijnegem Bridge - Belgium

WIjnegem Bridge – upgrading Albert Canal

In Wijnegem, the bridge over the Albert Canal on the Turnhoutsebaan will be replaced by two new bridges: a road bridge and a bicycle and pedestrian bridge. The replacement of the existing bridge is part of the upgrading of the Albert Canal.

We were responsibles for the final design of the project with a team of four structural engineers delivering a high quality 3D model and 2D plans. The high level of detail, the automation tools used for increasing the efficiency, the internal quality control and good collaboration with the client made this project a success.

Steenbruggebrug - Bruges, Belgium

New bridge over canal in Steenbrugge

The Steenbrugge bridge over the Gent-Ostend canal will be replaced by a fixed, high bridge for road traffic and a movable, flat bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.  This represents a major improvement for both shipping and road traffic. It is also an important step to make the region around Bruges more mobile . 

Structural engineers from Splendid have created the BIM model of the bridges and generated the 2D plans.

Our visualisation team will prepare still images, videos and Virtual Reality content from where the habitants around bridge will better understand the impact of the project in their life.



3D modelling and predesign of locks


The weirs along the Dender in Pollare and Idegem were built during the channeling and recalibration of the Dender for 300 tons of ships in the period 1863-1867. The thrust infrastructure of both sites is highly outdated and in dire need of renewal to ensure operational security regarding water drainage..

Lock complex Sas-Slijkens, dating from 1754-1758, played an important role in shipping on Ostend and in the drainage system of the hinterland until 1902-1903; closed, dismantled and fitted with new collection works during the interwar period for shipping.

Our role is to create the BIM models of these locks starting from old 2D plans, point clouds and topographic surveys.

In Pollare and Idegem we participated in the pre-design phase of the project which consisted of demolition of the old weir and lockkeeper’s house and building a new weir, a fish passage, a new service building and a new bridge.

Utilities - Sewer Networks

Various utilities projects

Starting from topographical survey, 2D ground plan of the existing situation and design requirements, we are able to produce an elaborated 3D model that incorporates all the design data.

Further on, we are able to extract bill of quantities, analyse the interferences clashes between two different networks or inside the same network, we can check the position of the manholes or pipes with other elements (ex: manhole versus curbstone), model the trench that needs to be excavated in order to build the pipe network and calculate the excavation volumes.


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