Design Automation & Databases

As the construction industry continues its digital transformation, technologies like automation, cloud collaboration, and generative design are becoming mandatory for any process. The goal of our Automation Design team is to deliver to our engineers better and more efficient BIM workflows but also to continuously explore new ways of development.

With the tools we are developing, manual work and repetitive tasks are transformed into basic commands, facilitating more efficient design processes and better deliverables. Our engineers are enabled to use automated workflows for tedious and repetitive or complex tasks, facilitating more efficient design processes and better deliverables.

Design automation applications show design impact on fast alignment with new standards and client’s change of scope requests. Facilitates reuse of successful solutions instead of re-thinking again the solutions. It becomes easier to generate several solutions and try different options.

Generative Design, Digital Twins, Artificial Inteligence, are areas of development in which our specialists and software developers continues to invest and explore solutions.


We are ready for the next challenge.